About Australian Made

The Australian Made logo is featured on products that come from Australia. It is for the purpose of consumers being able to identify Australian products and support Australian industries and businesses.

It is managed by the Australian Made Campaign Limited, or AMCL, which is a non-profit establishment that determines if a product qualifies for the logo. The AMCL also endorses these products both locally and abroad.

If you want to support Australian products and ventures, look for the Australian made logo when you shop, and keep our economy strong.

About The Logo

When you shop, it’s not hard to identify Australian made products. The logo can be found on a variety of items, to make it easy for you. When you buy Australian made, you’re helping local businesses and reducing the need for expensive imported goods.

Shopping Australian made doesn’t just increase the viability and profits of local businesses, but it promotes local employment and maintains a healthy economic ecosystem here in Australia. Plus, you know that Australian made products conform to a high standard of quality, so you can have peace of mind.