In modern life, it is hard to find peace and happiness when we all have responsibilities and work to attend to. Many of us have families to attend to, not to mention daily duties like housework, and other commitments. The problem is that sometimes it’s hard to find any me time to focus on what truly makes us happy.

What Can I Do

If you find yourself living a busy lifestyle and suffering from stress and anxiety, there are some simple things you can do to improve your well-being. Eating healthy is a good start, and getting active on a regular basis is also a good idea. Choose some activities that involve some physical exertion, like a sport, or even just a simple walk around the neighbourhood from time to time.

Meditation is another great way to reduce stress. If you find yourself with some spare time, instead of logging on to social media or watching TV, pick a quiet place and sit down for a while. You will find that after a time of thoughts wandering around your head, you settle down and find some of the peace you’re after.


There are a lot of self-help philosophies out there, but you have to choose the approach that works for you. Not all advice is valid for you, as we each have our own paths in life, and our own issues to deal with. When something resonates with you, try it out, and see if it helps. Don’t keep following advice that’s not helping you, even if it works for others. We’re all different.

The Results

If you choose to make time for yourself to de-stress, and do it on a regular basis, you will find your quality of life improves over time. Often, we don’t get instant results from our striving to be happy. Life goes on, and presents challenges to us on a daily basis. You have to build up a resilience, and find a place within yourself that is not troubled by your daily struggles.

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