How much Propolis should I take?

Here at Natures Naturals we get asked very frequently about how much propolis to take. Bee Propolis is a very useful natural supplement that has many health benefits when taken properly.

The first thing you need to know is that there are several types of bee propolis available. The most popular types include liquid propolis extract, propolis capsules, propolis lozenges and throat spray.

Liquid Propolis Extract

If you are taking propolis for general health purposes only, we recommend a third to one half dropper full of propolis extract daily. If you are using propolis for a sore throat, drop the extract directly onto the soreness.

Propolis Capsules

If you are taking propolis for general health purposes only, we recommend 2-3 1000mg capsules per day. Capsules are the best option for convenience and travel due to their small size. Their antibacterial properties can help prevent coming down with a cold.

Propolis Lozenges

Propolis lozenges are raw pieces of bee propolis that you either swallow or chew on. Please be aware though, as propolis is quite a dark substance, it can stain your teeth. If it is staining your teeth simply resort to swallowing or choose a different way to get your daily dose of bee propolis. For general health, we recommend 2 chunks of raw propolis per day.

Propolis Throat Spray

Propolis throat spray is very similar to the extract dropper. We recommend a 2-3 sprays daily. It can be great for sore throats as you can target the inflammation directly.

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Propolis is one of the lesser known bee products. It is made from tree sap and other plant material, and used by bees to fortify and protect their hive from intruders and bacteria.

It has a plethora of healthy properties, and it is currently being researched for its ability to prevent and even cure a range of illnesses.

How does propolis help you? It is a powerful antioxidant, which means that it can help your body fight free radicals, keeping away sickness and slowing the ageing process. An animal study was conducted and it proved to impede cancer cell reproduction.

It can also help remove gut parasites, be used as a balm for minor burns, and help prevent cavities. It can help with general mouth cleanliness and health.

For more information on Propolis, head to our propolis information page.