Summer body goals

With summer on it’s way, some of us are wondering if we are summer ready?
To some it’s not a big deal, but for others the thought of walking round in a bikini is a little daunting.

Summer begins on December 1st this year, that leaves us 38 Days to grab some motivation and essentially kick ourselves into gear!

It’s not JUST about having that summer bod anymore though. We strongly encourage lifestyle change over fad diets.
Let “summer bod” be your starting point. But not the end.

Need some inspo in your life?

We have a couple of sources for you:

  1. Australian famous fitness model Ashy Bines
    Ashy and her team have built a huge empire, with Ashy and her husband both from fitness industry backgrounds, their knowledge and expertise are next level. Ashy lives and breathes Health and fitness. Her passion will definitely inspire!
  2. The two girls from Harmillies health journey – Harmony and Millie are two ladies documenting their own struggles with health. Their efforts aim to encourage the mindset that everybody can live a happier & healthier lifestyle. No matter what level you start at, just keep trying and you will get there!

These influencers have been chosen by us, because they inspire lifestyle change as oppose to diets which we love! So have a look, not only will you possibly get a summer bod, but a life bod instead!

Thanks for reading our recommended Fitness and Health Inpos for 2017
– From the Team here at Natures Naturals.

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