close-up of foot on elliptical trainer pedal

Should I Join the Gym?

Some people swear by it, others say you don’t need it. In today’s blog post we’ll be discussing the pros and cons of joining your local gym.


If you join a reputable gym of a decent size, chances are it will have every kind of equipment for all the different parts of your body – more than you can poke a stick at. So whatever you want to do, whether it’s cardio, toning, or muscle gain, the equipment you need will be there all in one place.

When doing cardio at the gym, for example on the treadmill, one advantage is that there is a timer and difficulty settings. So you might have a certain energy burning goal in mind or a set timespan, in which case you can set it on the machine and go for it. You can jog for as long as you like and then just step off and you’re done, as opposed to when you go for a jog around your neighbourhood and get tired – then you have to walk home.

Also, because you’re paying for gym membership, you won’t want to miss sessions so you get your money’s worth. This can be a good motivator. Another plus is they have classes you can attend in everything from yoga to zumba. This can help you push yourself and learn new skills.


An obvious disadvantage to joining the gym is that it costs money – not a lot, but there is usually a weekly fee, and generally there is a sizeable cancellation fee. The cancellation fee isn’t too bad though, because it may motivate you to keep going on your fitness journey.

Some people don’t like working out in front of others, and if this is you the gym may not work for you. Some also may prefer jogging around their neighbourhood or along a bush trail rather than jogging on a treadmill. There is plenty you can do without gym equipment to work out, like pushups etc.

So there are some good and bad points about joining the gym, but if you want to stay fit and healthy it’s certainly not a bad option. Here at Natures Naturals, we stock plenty of supplements that will help your body recover and grow, like squalene.