natural weed killer

Natural Weed killer

Do you have a whole heap of weeds in your garden at home and not sure where to start??
Do you keep putting it off?
Maybe you have pets that go outside so you can’t use chemicals on the weeds?

Natures Naturals has found you a solution:
Natural Weed killer!

What you will need:
1. Vinegar
2. Lemon

We have done our research and these two products are both individually both great Natural weed killers.
We did a little more digging and found out that if you actually mix the two they become an even better weed killer due to the high level in acidity.

So, give it a go. Don’t be too fussy. Just mix Whatever vinegar you have (preferably apple cider vinegar) with a whole squeezed lemon into a spray bottle and let us know how you go!

This tip was bought at you by the team at Natures Naturals

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