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How To Identify Propolis Honey Bees

How To Identify Propolis Honey Bees

propolis bee on flower Did you know that not every bee you see flying around produces honey? If you’ve ever wanted to recognise which type of bee produces honey and therefore propolis, below is a list of what to look for.

  • Bees have rounded bodies, unlikes wasps who have narrowing around their body sections
  • Most bees have furry all over their bodies
  • They have two long antennae on their heads which they use for senses like taste, touch, and smell
  • Bees have two large eyes, one each side of their head, and then also a group of 3 smaller eyes in between.
  • Their colour can vary in shades, but bees have alternating black stripes with amber colours that can appear almost black.
  • Bees can vary in size from 1-2cm long.
  • Female bees are the ones who collect the pollen from plants and flowers to take back to the hive.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this information on honey bees.

A Poem About Propolis

A Poem About Propolis

head of a bee close up For today’s blog post, usually it will be an informative piece on our best-selling products, squalene and propolis. But for something different, we came across this lovely little poem and thought we would share it with you. We found this poem on Poetry Soup. Don’t forget that with winter in full-swing, to stay warm and keep healthy.


Delphic Bee

Singing pollen songs
Lips anointed with honey
Priestess of Delphi
Filling her pollen basket
Propolis giving comb love

Copyright © Abe Lopez

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

shark - source of squalene

  • Shark liver oil and squalene are not the same. Bother are produced in the liver and have many fantastic health benefits.
  • Squalene can be found in almost anything plant and human, it is only the concentration that varies
  • In humans, you have the most squalene in your body when you are an infant.
  • Assists in the processing of Vitamin D, cholesterol and hormones within the body
  • The highest concentrations of squalene is found in a shark’s liver
  • In plants, the best sources are from olives, amaranth, rice bran and wheatgerm
  • It has such fantastic moisturising properties that is it one of the most natural ingredients found in skin and body cosmetics
  • If you want to make an effort to consume more squalene, the best way is to follow a Mediterranean diet that uses high amounts of olive oils.

These are just a few nifty tips about the health benefits of squalene. You can find out more by contacting us or clicking the link HERE.

Staying Warm In Winter

Staying Warm In Winter

people with hand wrapped around coffee mugs Winter in Australia can be quite harsh in some places, and quite mild in others. Either way, the change in temperature can leave everyone feeling that they’d like to keep warmer. Today Nature’s Naturals are providing a few simple tips to help you keep warm.

  • Wear a hat, even indoors. In an environment that doesn’t have heaters, one of the best ways to keep warm is to keep a hat on your head. Any bare surface of your body can release heat, especially your head. So keeping that beanie on can help!
  • Put up thick curtains. Just like we put heavier blankets on our bed in winter, consider doing the same to your windows. Heavy backed curtains can help keep the frosty morning air out and keep generated heat in.
  • When layering blankets, keep the thickest at the bottom and the thinnest at the top. The thicker blanket is more likely to get you warmer faster, and the thinner blanket aids in stopping the heat escaping.
  • Block the bottoms of doorways that could let cold draughts in. You can buy draught-stoppers, or you can make your own or even improvise using rolled up towels or blankets.
  • If you have fans in your house, chances are they have a winter and summer setting. switching this changes the direction the air in the room is pushed. The winter setting pushes hot air down, so keeping your fan on low will help circulate the warmer air.
  • Put on extra clothing. As bulky as it might feel wearing multiple layers, if you need to warm yourself quickly this is the best option. Warming yourself up first is quicker than waiting for a heater to heat the whole room. It is also more energy-saving as well!
  • Try and stay as healthy as possible. Eating good food, taking supplements if needed and staying well are also keys to keeping warm. When we feel sick we often feel like we are cold and shaking. Boosting your immune system to stay healthy is a great way to help your body keep warm if it’s not fighting illness.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these few tips on staying warmer this winter. We stock a whole range of vitamins designed to help keep your body healthy. One of these is propolis, which is very well-known for it’s anti-illness properties. Otherwise, you can check out our store for the latest products. You can also contact us any time if you have any questions about our products.

It’s Weekend O’Clock!

It’s Weekend O’Clock!

propolis beesIt’s Friday everybody! From the team at Nature’s Naturals, have a great weekend and Bee Safe!

Happy Friday!

beach sea shade

From the team at Nature’s Naturals, we hope you have a safe and fun weekend!

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