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How To Identify Propolis Honey Bees

How To Identify Propolis Honey Bees

propolis bee on flower Did you know that not every bee you see flying around produces honey? If you’ve ever wanted to recognise which type of bee produces honey and therefore propolis, below is a list of what to look for.

  • Bees have rounded bodies, unlikes wasps who have narrowing around their body sections
  • Most bees have furry all over their bodies
  • They have two long antennae on their heads which they use for senses like taste, touch, and smell
  • Bees have two large eyes, one each side of their head, and then also a group of 3 smaller eyes in between.
  • Their colour can vary in shades, but bees have alternating black stripes with amber colours that can appear almost black.
  • Bees can vary in size from 1-2cm long.
  • Female bees are the ones who collect the pollen from plants and flowers to take back to the hive.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this information on honey bees.

Time to Stock Up!

Time to Stock Up!

propolis information capsules Winter is here and with it comes all the bugs, bacterial infections and viral conditions to plague us! Make sure you’re prepared for the fight by stocking up on propolis products to help get you through the winter. If you want to know more about how propolis can help you stay healthy, you can check out this propolis information page. We stock a wide range of products to suit your lifestyle and keep you healthy. Any questions about our products, you can contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

An Informative Video On Propolis

An Informative Video On Propolis


We hope you enjoy this short video on what propolis is, where it comes from and the benefits it can give you. If you’d like more information, you can go directly to a dedicated propolis page and discover more for yourself. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us for assistance.

Building Up Immunity For Winter With Propolis

Building Up Immunity For Winter With Propolis

 Autumn has arrived with earlier sunset and cooler mornings. The cooler weather  brings with it all the typical winter illnesses including colds, coughs, flus and respiratory disorders. While there is no magic pill to prevent these illnesses happening,you can start the journey to get your immune system stronger.  Eating good foods, washing your hands regularly and exercising are all great ways to prepare your immune system to fight the incoming germ season.

Another helping hand you can give is to take supplements that are well-known for their immune-boosting properties. Bee propolis is one of these supplements. Want to find out more about how you can make propolis a part of staying healthy this winter? Check out the propolis information page we have created. At Nature’s Naturals, we only want to provide the highest quality products for you and your family. You can message us anytime with questions about our products. Take the steps and stay well this winter.


What Dose of Propolis Should You Be Taking?

What Dose of Propolis Should You Be Taking?

proplis capsules

At Natures Naturals, one of the most common questions we receive is how much propolis to take. Bee Propolis is a  natural supplement that has many health benefits when taken properly.

There are several forms that bee propolis is available in. The most popular types include liquid propolis extract, propolis capsules, propolis lozenges and throat spray.

Liquid Propolis Extract

For general health purposes only, we recommend a third to half a dropper full of propolis extract daily. If you are using propolis for a sore throat, drop the extract directly onto the back of the throat where the inflammation is.

Propolis Capsules

If you are taking propolis for general health purposes only, we recommend 2-3 1000mg capsules per day. Capsules are the best option for convenience and travel due to their small size. Their antibacterial properties can help prevent coming down with a cold.

Propolis Lozenges

Propolis lozenges are raw pieces of bee propolis that you either swallow or chew on. Please be aware though, as propolis is quite a dark substance, it can stain your teeth. If it is staining your teeth simply resort to swallowing or choose a different way to get your daily dose of bee propolis. For general health, we recommend 2 chunks of raw propolis per day.

Propolis Throat Spray

Propolis throat spray is very similar to the extract dropper. We recommend a 2-3 sprays daily. It can be great for sore throats as you can target the inflammation directly.

These are general recommendations only. It is always best to read the directions on the packaging to make sure you are getting the maximum benefits from the products.

Propolis – Have You Ever Tried It?

Propolis – Have You Ever Tried It?

 We have known about the fantastic health and healing benefits of bee honey, but what about the other stuff created within the hive?

Propolis has many similar benefits to honey, including being anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, wound healing and a boost to your immune system. We have even created a page dedicated solely to Propolis information. It is available in a form to suit you – capsules, liquid, lozenges or throat spray. Please do note though, if you have an allergy to bees or honey, or even asthma; check with your health practitioner before using these products.

We are also more than happy to answer any questions you might have about this or any of our wide range of health products. Just contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Sale on Selected Propolis Products

Hi guys,

With the holiday season fast approaching, we decided our gift to you is a sale on selected products in our range, including Propolis! At Nature’s Naturals, we want to help you feel and perform at your best but recognise that this time of year can stretch the finances.

Propolis has many benefits, including being anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, wound healing and a boost to your immune system. It is available in a form to suit you – capsules, liquid, lozenges or throat spray. Please do note though, if you have an allergy to bees or honey, or even asthma; check with your health practitioner before using these products.

These discounts won’t be around for too long, so start saving on your favourite products and feel great these holidays. Any questions, you can contact us here.

Keys to Better Health

Are you looking for a supplement that will benefit your health in many important ways? Propolis may be one of the keys to your better health. It has a range of benefits.


Propolis is an antimicrobial. This means that it will help protect your body from getting a cold, flu, or throat infection. It can improve your body’s ability to heal wounds and burns, keeping bacteria away. It can also help with pimples and neurodermatitis.


Propolis has strong antioxidant properties, due to the flavonoids it contains like pinocembrin. Antioxidants fight free radicals in your body, which can help prevent a range of illnesses, like cancer and heart disease. Free radicals can cause cell damage (oxidisation), but antioxidants convert free radicals into healthy cells.


Propolis is also an antibacterial agent, known to be effective against gram-positive rods (aerobic and anaerobic), E. faecalis, pathogenic bacteria, viruses, mold, and ordinary cocci. It is also known to be effective against parasites like Cholomonas paramecium. This is just a short list of all the nasties propolis will defend against.


Propolis will help defend your body against fungi like Candida and many more. It also restrains the growth of fungus like C. albicans. This makes it a good option for oral health. It helps protect you from yeast-based fungi, too.

Other Benefits

Propolis is also an immunomodulatory substance. This means that it bolsters your immune system and boosts antibody formation. It is an antiprotozoan, fighting diseases like malaria.

Animal research suggests that propolis has an antitumoural property. It has shown to inhibit DNA replication in tumour cells. It has yet to be tested on human tumours. Its antioxidant properties may enable higher doses of chemotherapy due to its ability to ease stress on the liver and kidneys. The propolis component responsible for this is caffeic acid phenethyl ester.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to propolis healing benefits. It has been used throughout history and now there is strong science to back up its abilities. We stock propolis here at Natures Naturals.

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