Best places to view Jacarandas in Brisbane

You don’t have to be a plant or tree lover to appreciate these beautiful trees.

With the Jacaranda season apon us, We have gathered for you:
Our top 9 places to check them out in Brisbane:

Are You Ready for Storms?

You may have heard some storm warnings for Sydney and Brisbane for this week. Fortunately Brisbane’s warning for this morning has been cancelled, but this afternoon may be different. We’re still expected to have some severe weather later in the week.

What to Expect

Like we’ve seen during previous summers recently, you can expect torrential rain, large hailstones and even flash flooding. Keep an eye on the weather forecast and remember to get that car undercover if you hear a hail warning. It’s probably a good idea to keep your car undercover as much as you can this week, as we’ve all been surprised by sudden hail before.


Another important thing is to make sure your house is prepared for strong winds. Put away any loose items in the backyard, and make sure your windows are closed when you leave the house.

The whole week should be pretty wet, according to the latest weather reports. They said that tomorrow and Wednesday will be the worst. Make sure you pack that umbrella, and wear shoes that won’t get drenched easily.


Does your insurance cover storm damage? It’s a bit late in the piece but you might want to check if your house and car insurance covers storm damage. You never know when hail will hit your car while out driving. This can reduce its worth dramatically.

Also, hail can damage houses significantly, especially when it’s accompanied by wind, which can smash windows easily.


Another thing to remember is power outages. We all remember the flood of 2011, which caused havoc all around Brisbane. Things like candles, torches, batteries, matches, and water were all sold out from the supermarket within minutes.

In a city like Brisbane, it helps to have all these items ready because you never know when the power will go out, and, in the worst case scenario, another flood will strand you at home. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen again! Safe travels to all of you from your friends at Natures Naturals.

Keep up to date with the latest Brisbane weather reports.

Adele to Play Brisbane

Calling all Adele fans! The world-famous singer is coming to Brisbane in only three days. This is your chance to see the songstress live in action, a chance that won’t come up often. She is the artist behind such recent hits as “All I Ask”, “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)”, and “Water Under The Bridge”. You would have heard these on the radio, since she is one of the most successful female artists of all time.


Her first album, “19”, went platinum seven times in the United Kingdom, and three times in the United States. She received the Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance awards at the Grammys in 2009. She has consistently received awards and been met with critical acclaim throughout her career.

Her latest album, “25” (2015), was the year’s best selling album. It broke first week sales records in various markets. It was her second diamond certified album and with it she won five Grammy awards. The single, “Hello”, was the first song in the United States to sell beyond a million digital copies within one week of its release.

About Adele

She is much loved around the world, and considered one of the United Kingdom’s cultural icons. She is appreciated as one of the best singing talents of all time, and this is proved by the consistent chart-topping successes of all her releases.

She started her Australian tour on Tuesday night in Perth’s Domain Stadium, playing to 65,000 people, which was the biggest crowd the stadium has seen. It was her first Australian show, and her first Stadium gig. She played all her biggest hits, and her voice was touted as flawless.

So if you’re an Adele fan, get on to Ticketmaster and grab your tickets now, as it’s almost time for the singing legend to hit Brisbane.