Cold And Flu Help

Cold And Flu Help

It didn’t take long for the cold and flu season to start! There are already reports of epidemics starting over the country. People are queuing up to get the annual flu shot in anticipation. So what can you do to help survive this cold and flu season?

  • Get adequate rest. Making sure your body is rested and getting enough sleep is one of the ways to help your cells regenerate.
  • Wash your hands, all the time. Germs are on anything and everything. Ensuring you regularly wash your hands to stop the spread of germs is very important.
  • Drink lots of water. This will keep you hydrated and assist your kidneys in flushing out any toxins.
  • Eat healthy. Making sure you have plenty of fruits and vegetables will keep your body happy and healthy.
  • Multi-vitamin supplements are also a good way to assist your body as it will give it nutrients you might be missing out on.
  • Targeted immune boosters are another step you can take. Products such as bee propolis or olive leaf are well-known for their health benefits. You can find out more propolis information by clicking the link. Honey is well-known for it’s soothing properties in hot teas when cold and flu strikes.

For any other ailments you might have, why not check out our product range for something to help? If you ever have any questions about our range, you can contact us any time via email form or our live chat feature.

The Difference Between Vegetarian and Vegan

The Difference Between Vegetarian and Vegan

fresh vegetables in crates For multiple reasons, vegans have been making the news recently after an event that involved protesting in restaurants. While this is definitely one way of getting your message across, it hasn’t been an overwhelmingly positive one.

The question that is often asked is; “What is the difference between being vegetarian and being vegan?” Nature’s Naturals decided we would explain the difference.

Vegetarianism is the absence of meat and some/all animal by-products. There are three branches of vegetarianism.

Lacto-ovo vegetarians do not eat meat, but will eat animal products such as eggs and dairy. Ovo-vegetarians (eggs, no dairy) or lacto-vegetarians (dairy, no eggs) are another branch. Then there is vegan, which is the absence of all animal and animal by-products at all, and is the most extreme form of vegetarianism.

Another question that arises is how people who follow a vegetarian lifestyle get all the nutrients their bodies require to function. Amazingly, there are many plant-based products that supply all essential vitamins and minerals. In the event they can’t be consumed, supplements may be required. Nature’s Naturals stock a wide range of supplements to aid you in maintaining your good health. As always, we are here to answer any questions you might have!



What Dose of Propolis Should You Be Taking?

What Dose of Propolis Should You Be Taking?

proplis capsules

At Natures Naturals, one of the most common questions we receive is how much propolis to take. Bee Propolis is a  natural supplement that has many health benefits when taken properly.

There are several forms that bee propolis is available in. The most popular types include liquid propolis extract, propolis capsules, propolis lozenges and throat spray.

Liquid Propolis Extract

For general health purposes only, we recommend a third to half a dropper full of propolis extract daily. If you are using propolis for a sore throat, drop the extract directly onto the back of the throat where the inflammation is.

Propolis Capsules

If you are taking propolis for general health purposes only, we recommend 2-3 1000mg capsules per day. Capsules are the best option for convenience and travel due to their small size. Their antibacterial properties can help prevent coming down with a cold.

Propolis Lozenges

Propolis lozenges are raw pieces of bee propolis that you either swallow or chew on. Please be aware though, as propolis is quite a dark substance, it can stain your teeth. If it is staining your teeth simply resort to swallowing or choose a different way to get your daily dose of bee propolis. For general health, we recommend 2 chunks of raw propolis per day.

Propolis Throat Spray

Propolis throat spray is very similar to the extract dropper. We recommend a 2-3 sprays daily. It can be great for sore throats as you can target the inflammation directly.

These are general recommendations only. It is always best to read the directions on the packaging to make sure you are getting the maximum benefits from the products.

Squalene Health Benefits – Where Else Can You Find It?

Squalene Health Benefits – Where Else Can You Find It?

You have probably already read about squalene health benefits as a supplement. What you might not know is that squalene can and is used in a variety of other products. Here are are some of the things it is also used in.

Cosmetics – Squalene is a natural oil and is used in facial creams, serums and lipsticks for its excellent moisturising properties.

Vaccines – in some parts of the world, squalene has been used in flu vaccines as an additive. It is believed to boost immune response to the active ingredient in the vaccine.

Plant Sources – some plants, such as olives, wheat and rice also produce squalene in small quantities. These are extremely small quantities compared to the amount found in sharks.

Humans – yes, that’s right! We humans also produce squalene in the oils of our skin, which is why a supplement might benefit you in some way.

Our range of squalene products only uses the finest-grade ingredients to ensure health and safety. Why not try some today?

It’s a Heatwave!

It’s a Heatwave!

summer fruit glassesYesterday parts of Sydney recorded some of the highest temperatures in 80 years! With temperatures in the high 40’s, please make sure to keep yourself hydrated, stay in the shade or out of direct sun, and wear loose-fitting, breathable clothing! If you feel like you aren’t 100% feeling well and nothing you do is working, make sure to seek medical advice.

Stay cool everyone!

Tips to De-Stress

It’s stressing to destress.

So it’s that time of the year with holidays around the corner yet due dates right in your face. Things will be getting heated as you go and do the holiday shopping, planning parties and all that other fun stuff. However, that fun stuff comes with a few problems which cause stress.

Here are a few tips to help destress in these holiday months.

  1. Be basic and stay positive, look at those inspirational posts and get yourself in a fantastic mood.
  2. Exercise, get up from your desk and go for a 10-minute walk to calm yourself down.
  3. Step away from all of your electronics. Yes, that means put the phone down and leave the TV alone.
  4. Buy yourself a snack. Be mindful of what snack, since you’ll want to stay away from the sugary foods since that will be what you will eat over the holidays.
  5. Try Yoga. Google some stretches that you can do at home and use those stretches take your mind off things.
  6. Try listening to music and dancing along.

There are dozens of ways to destress but you need to find the one that suits YOU. Only YOU can find that method.

Rooibos Tea. What is it and why you should drink it.

What is Rooibos Tea?

Rooibos (pronounced “roy-bos”) Tea is a native South African Herb. It is also known as red bush tea.