woman lifting weights

The Benefits of Gym Membership

A lot of people who are into health and fitness are gym members these days. Why would you join a gym when you could get your fitness done at home, you might ask? We are exploring that question in today’s blog.

Why Join the Gym?

There are many benefits to joining the gym. For one, you won’t want to waste your money on a gym membership and not utilise it. If you know you’re paying by the week, chances are you’ll want to get down there and work out to get your money’s worth.

Another benefit of using a gym is that they have a huge variety of weights and exercise machines available, so you can work out your entire body with resistance training and also get your cardio done all at once.

If you don’t join the gym and buy your own weights, unless you are really motivated, you might not go jogging as often as you intended, and your weights set might sit there collecting dust instead of being used to build muscle.

The Results

If you work out a few times a week, the results are great! When you get cardiovascular exercise, your heart and veins get cleaned out, much like a car getting pushed down the highway, clearing out all the excess carbon.

When you do resistance training, you can get increased core strength which will filter into the little activities in life – you will be less likely to sprain and strain yourself when you have a strong core.

Also, you will be able to look toned or build muscle, for practicality or vanity’s sake – it doesn’t matter – in the end you will be healthier for it.

You might be looking to add some sort of supplement to your diet to support your new exercise regime, and if so, we recommend squalene. It will increase your joint strength, and help you build and maintain muscle, not to mention scavenge free radicals that can arise when you work out.