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What Can Bee Propolis Do For You?

What Can Bee Propolis Do For You? Research has shown that propolis from bees can have many benefits to our health. We decided to share some of the things bee propolis has been shown to have a positive impact on. Fight Cancerous Cells – Caffeic acid and Artepillin C from bee propolis have shown anti-cancer […]

Those Friday Feels!

Those Friday Feels! For many people, Friday is the working end goal of the week. Once you’ve reached it, you can relax for a bit. Of course, this can apply to any days of the week that is considered an individual’s weekend! So whenever your weekend is, the team at Nature’s Naturals hope you have […]

It’s a Heatwave!

It’s a Heatwave! Yesterday parts of Sydney recorded some of the highest temperatures in 80 years! With temperatures in the high 40’s, please make sure to keep yourself hydrated, stay in the shade or out of direct sun, and wear loose-fitting, breathable clothing! If you feel like you aren’t 100% feeling well and nothing you […]

5 Foods To Boost Brain Power

5 Foods To Boost Brain Power We are always looking for a bit of help to boost our concentration and memory. What we eat strongly ties in with how we feel and perform. Below is a quick list of fantastic foods you can eat to help your brain get through that work day or staff […]

3 Simple Smoothies for Summer

3 Simple Smoothies for Summer When summer is this hot, the last thing you usually feel like is a hot drink or breakfast, and cereal can just get boring. So why not try a simple summer smoothie! You can pack so many different things in it that are great for your health, and it feels […]