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Light Foods

Diet is a much-discussed issue these days. There are many differing approaches to a healthy diet, and different people need different food. Did you know that a vegetable-based diet can give you everything you need to nourish your body? Vegetable Nutrition Vegetables actually contain enough protein and minerals to sustain you. We develop addictions to […]

Light Exercises

In the previous blog posts, we’ve covered bodybuilding and cardiovascular exercises, but in today’s post we’re going to discuss light exercises you can do and their benefits. Walking Not many people realise just how beneficial simple walking can be – providing it is a long walk. If you walk for around an hour per day, […]

Exercise for Cardiovascular Health

In our last blog post we explored some exercises you can do to strengthen your body without gym equipment. In today’s post we are going to look at some exercises you can do to maintain good cardiovascular heath. Jogging Jogging is a tried and true cardio workout that activates all the muscles in your body […]

Full Body Workout Without Equipment

You might be thinking you need to join the gym if you want to train your whole body and tone up, or even build muscle, but that’s not necessarily the case. Balanced Workout If you’re after a balanced workout, you don’t need weights or gym equipment at all. Isolating certain muscle groups and using weights […]

5 Superfoods to Boost Your Health

By now, we’ve all heard the buzzword “superfoods”. What are they, and do they really have the nutritional benefits they’re touted to have? At Natures Naturals, we thought this was worth looking into. Kale Kale is a spinach-like green vegetable that has many nutritional benefits. It is high in iron, fibre, calcium, vitamin K, and […]

5 Sources of Healthy Fats

For a long time, fatty foods have gotten a bad rap, being blamed for cardiovascular disease and other ailments – but recent research has shown that some fats are good for us. A lot of people go on low fat diets, and end up consuming a lot of carbohydrates, which can contribute to weight gain. […]

What Kind of Exercise is Right for Me?

Apart from having a healthy diet, you might be wondering what kind of fitness routine is the best for you. This depends on what your aim is – weight loss, muscle gain, or general fitness. Weight Loss If you’re intending on losing weight, you must start with eating the right amount of healthy foods. A […]