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Tips to De-Stress

It’s stressing to destress. So it’s that time of the year with holidays around the corner yet due dates right in your face. Things will be getting heated as you go and do the holiday shopping, planning parties and all that other fun stuff. However, that fun stuff comes with a few problems which cause […]

Easy Breakfast Replacement Idea

So you’re an early bird, but not because you want to be. Breakfast just not on your morning schedule? Well, we have an idea for you.       Honey, Peanut Butter, Oat Balls A brilliant replacement to have when you’re on the run and that liquid diet is just not cutting it. These wonderful […]

Summer body goals

With summer on it’s way, some of us are wondering if we are summer ready?
To some it’s not a big deal, but for others the thought of walking round in a bikini is a little daunting.

How to Lose Weight

Have a Healthy Breakfast A healthy breakfast is key to losing weight. You want to keep your metabolism up, and it is kick-started for the day when you eat breakfast. Avoid sugary cereals and go for whole grains instead. Protein is a must to give yourself a lasting energy hit that will see you through […]

Should I Join the Gym?

Some people swear by it, others say you don’t need it. In today’s blog post we’ll be discussing the pros and cons of joining your local gym. Pros If you join a reputable gym of a decent size, chances are it will have every kind of equipment for all the different parts of your body […]